Swim with Dolphins
Phone: +52 (669) 913 4050

Join Onca Explorations on an exciting adventure to meet up-close with dolphins in their natural habitat as you help search and document their ecology and behavior in Mazatlan water!

Marine scientists and naturalists will guide this expedition providing you with outstanding commentary about local environment and sharing real-time insight into the lives of dolphins while collecting scientific data for current research and conservation projects.

During the dolphins encounters, the crew will take photographs of the natural markings found on the dolphins dorsal fins for individual identification, collect sighting data, and deploy hydrophones to record dolphin whistles, giving you a hands-on experience in cetacean research techniques.

Once data has been collected and upon sea conditions and type of dolphin groups, we will enter the water to swim with them! These are wild dolphins, they are not confined or trained, so we follow their agenda, sometimes they are curious and seek interactions, others not so much, but the mere fact of beign in the water around them and watch them swim gracefully under the blue ocean is a once in lifetime experience!

On the way to shore or while cruising the Bay of Mazatlan, there is always a good chance of close encounters with other fascinating marine life like turtles, sea lions, manta rays, and hundred of coastal birds. 

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Onca Explorations
Phone: Phone: +52 (669) 913 4050

Nature trips and outings to observe the State of Sinaloa and Mexico´s Northwestern region´s wildlife and its habitat. Mission Onca Explorations´ Mission is to connect the general public with wildlife, its study and preservation through unique experiences with nature, while taking part in monitoring studies for different species and ecosystems. Onca Explorations was founded by Biologists and Marine Ecologists, and is a pioneer in the operation of tourist expeditions for the observation of cetaceans roaming free in the waters of the State of Sinaloa, offering the best ecological tours in Mazatlán.