Sea Turtles & Mangroves
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On this adventure, we will visit El Verde Camacho Sea Turtle Sanctuary, an important nesting site for the Olive Ridley´s sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea), located on a beautiful pristine beach just 20 km north of Mazatlan. This natural protected area comprises extensive wetlands and El Verde Estuary, an important coastal ecosystem surrounded by mangrove forests, home to an outstanding biodiversity including a myriad of coastal birds, fish, shrimp, an even a small population of american crocodiles.

Upon our arrival we will enjoy a light continental breakfast while listening to a short lecture on sea turtle ecology and conservation by our guides. Then, we will meet our local guide at the beach to get ready for realeasing sea turtle hatchlings into the sea for the first time. After this emotive experience, we will take a boat or kayak ride to explore the mangrove channels of the estuary.

During the journey there are great opportunities for wildlife photography, and if we are lucky enough we might even spot the elusive american crocodiles that inhabit this inland waters. After our boat or kayak adventure our local guides will take us on a tour through the sea turtle camp and explain about their activities and conservation efforts. Then we will have some free time to relax or walk along the beach before returning to Mazatlan.

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Phone: Phone: +52 (669) 913 4050

Nature trips and outings to observe the State of Sinaloa and Mexico´s Northwestern region´s wildlife and its habitat. Mission Onca Explorations´ Mission is to connect the general public with wildlife, its study and preservation through unique experiences with nature, while taking part in monitoring studies for different species and ecosystems. Onca Explorations was founded by Biologists and Marine Ecologists, and is a pioneer in the operation of tourist expeditions for the observation of cetaceans roaming free in the waters of the State of Sinaloa, offering the best ecological tours in Mazatlán.