Marine Safari
Phone: +52 (669) 913 4050

A new adventure not to be missed.

Marine Safari is the latest experience offered by Onca Explorations, a matchless opportunity for whale and dolphin-watching, which includes a fascinating variety of marine life along the coast of Mazatlan. The tour takes place aboard the Clarion Island, a magnificent vessel 19 meters in length with a 46 person capacity, which has been retrofitted for sightseeing. The Marine Safari adventure will provide the whole family an opportunity to get up close and personal with marine life in an unparalleled aquatic tour.

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Onca Explorations
Phone: Phone: +52 (669) 913 4050

Nature trips and outings to observe the State of Sinaloa and Mexico´s Northwestern region´s wildlife and its habitat. Mission Onca Explorations´ Mission is to connect the general public with wildlife, its study and preservation through unique experiences with nature, while taking part in monitoring studies for different species and ecosystems. Onca Explorations was founded by Biologists and Marine Ecologists, and is a pioneer in the operation of tourist expeditions for the observation of cetaceans roaming free in the waters of the State of Sinaloa, offering the best ecological tours in Mazatlán.