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Explore the islands of Mazatlan on your own Kayak, and Snorkel in some of the best locations most tourists never get to see! So paddle up! and join us on this unique coastal adventure.

Venados, Lobos and Pájaron Islands are one of Mazatlan's most important natural icons. This small archipielago of continental islands are part of the Natural Protected Area: Islands of the Gulf of California, and represent a major ecological reserve for region's marine and terrestrial biodiversity . These islands are home to several species of resident and migratory birds, reptiles, and endemic plants. A myriad of tropical colourful fish, molluscs, crustaceans and other invertebrates inhabit the rocky reefs along their coastline, these marine ecosystems sustain most artisinal fisheries and the livelihood for many local fisherman.

On this adventure you will paddle around Venados (Deer) and/or Pajaros (Bird) Island, one of the most protected islands of the archipielago. You will explore its coastline while enjoying a journey through its natural and geological history interpreted by the team of naturalist guides. During this trip you will visit some of the best beaches for swimming and snorkeling along some of the best reef locations most tourist never see!

By far, the best way to explore the Islands!

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Phone: Phone: +52 (669) 913 4050

Nature trips and outings to observe the State of Sinaloa and Mexico´s Northwestern region´s wildlife and its habitat. Mission Onca Explorations´ Mission is to connect the general public with wildlife, its study and preservation through unique experiences with nature, while taking part in monitoring studies for different species and ecosystems. Onca Explorations was founded by Biologists and Marine Ecologists, and is a pioneer in the operation of tourist expeditions for the observation of cetaceans roaming free in the waters of the State of Sinaloa, offering the best ecological tours in Mazatlán.