Pedro & Lola
Phone: +52 (669) 982 25 89

Pedro & Lola is an uspcale Mexican restaurant located in the Machado Square in the Historic District section of Mazatlan. Many things go into creating a fantastic dinning experience. The food is wonderful and the service is outstanding. The restaurant is highly recognized by its wonderful creations in state's gastronomy. International Cuisine is served, along with any beverage of your preference.

Its specialties are "Shrimp Lola La Grande", "Pedro Infante" and "Shrimps Pedro y Lola". If you´re seeking for a tasty dinner  in a friendly atmosphere with great music, this is an excellent option.

Pedro & Lola is open 7 days a week from 6pm to 11:30pm Sunday through Thursday and until 12:30 on Friday and Saturday. If you haven't bee there or it's been a while since you were there, it's time to try it. You will love it.

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Hours6pm - 12am