Bodega Los Amigos
Phone: +52 (669) 990 33 22 Ext. 2025

Located in the heart of the Golden Zone, Bodega Los Amigos is known for its exceptional view of the bay and nice and cozy atmosphere, where wine, coffee and tea have the leading roles. And they´re always served with delicious hors d´oeuvres to enjoy among friends.

Bodega Los Amigos is the perfect place for that romantic rendez-vous, business meeting or gathering with friends and family, or simply to indulge and enjoy yourself.

Its menu is filled with special details: breakfast, coffee, tea, pastries, snacks, hors d´oeuvres, cheese, cold cuts and pastas.

We invite you to visit our Store-Boutique located on the ground floor, where you´ll find a wide variety of domestic and foreign wine, liqueurs, whisky, vodka, rum and brandy among other distilled liqueurs; coffee, tea and accessories, all at excellent prices because we´re direct distributors of leading brands.

Hours8am - 10pm