Shield Monument

This shield was created in 1959, combining the City and State´s shields, to capture their essence in a colorful and beautiful monument.

This shield is divided into four sections, each referring to historical cities of this State, such as Culiacán, El Fuerte, Rosario and Mazatlán.

A dragon fruit is depicted on the edge of the seal, with the date 1831, which corresponds to the year in which this State´s first constitution was enacted. The eagle that covers the shield is the same eagle that was used by the Free State of the West (now States of Sinaloa and Sonora) at the beginning of Mexico´s independence. The footprints represent the Aztecs´ passage through this region.

On the other side of this monument you´ll find Mazatlán´s shield, with its name inscribed both in Spanish and its indigenous native language (Mazatl) meaning that our land was Land of the Deer. Many other details are found within these seals, depicting this beautiful city´s past and origins.