Sanchez Taboada Esplanade
The public ocean-front esplanade called Glorieta Sánchez Taboada is also called a "Plazuela" or Square by locals, due to its size and its popularity, where the beauty of the ocean sets the stage for fun and exciting activities. Located on Paseo Claussen along the coast boulevard, it´s surrounded by beautiful local monuments.

It´s a favorite spot for Mazatlecan families to have a good time with their kids, and everyone loves to admire the spectacular sunsets over the vast ocean´s horizon, and enjoy exciting performances like the cliff divers or “El Clavadista”, such a daring feat by local divers from the highest point of the plaza´s rocky staircase.
You´ll also find tasty snacks, including coconuts, snow cones, coconut candy and other local favorites.