Portales de Cannobio Building

The Cannobio House with its front arches is one of the most valued historical estates in Old Mazatlán. It faces the Machado Square, and was built over a century ago.

This historical building is located just west of the Machado Square, and it acquired its current architectural look in 1880. It owes its name to the family that has owned it for over 100 years.

Once known as the place where you could find "The Eternal Fountain of Youth", when Don Luis Cannobio, of Italian descent, established the best well-stocked and largest neighborhood pharmacy of its time, called "La Italiana".
Mr. Cannobio, who was more of a businessman than a pharmacist, but had a knack for making potions and home-style remedies, made his own liquor called "The Goddess Venus", which, according to old tales, brought lost youth back to many men and women, not only from Mazatlán, but from many other parts of the world, making him a huge fortune.

The building has been the venue for many businesses and for the Bank of London and Mexico (1897). Recently it has been restored with the purpose of preserving its original structure. A museum was created on the second floor, with period furniture of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, as a tribute to the lifestyle of well-to-do locals of that era.

On its ground floor you´ll find art galleries and a restaurant.

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