Mazatlecan Woman

This monument is located at the entrance to a look-out terrace that forms part of the "Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada" esplanade. It pays tribute to the stunning beauty of Mazatlecan women.

The bronze sculpture, of magnificent proportions, amazing beauty and open arms, portrays the warmth with which this Port´s women care for their loved ones.

As an additional attraction, you´ll find an array of marble stars on the floor surrounding this monument, each named after prominent Sinaloan artists and celebrities. You´ll find all-time idols such as Pedro Infante and Lola Beltrán; Don Cruz Lizárraga, founder of the famous Banda El Recodo; Luis Pérez Meza, who composed the famous song "Se me reventó el barzón y sigue la yunta andando"; the Tigres del Norte band; Manuel Espinosa "Ferrusquilla", known as the man with a thousand voices; Don Fernando Valadez, who composed the forever-remembered song "Asómate a mi alma", and the virtuoso symphony orchestra conductor Enrique Patrón de Rueda, among others.