The Lighthouse

Mazatlán´s lighthouse is the second-highest lighthouse built on a natural setting in the world, after Gibraltar´s lighthouse in Spain. Every Mazatlecan is always ready to boast-about and defend this important fact. It´s located at the tip of Crestón Hill, on an impressive natural rock formation made of a series of cliff edges, 515 ft. above sea level. This lighthouse was built during the Porfirio Díaz administration. The light emanating from this lighthouse has a scope of 48 nautical miles, with which it provides safety for navigation from any part of the world.

It takes approximately 30 minutes to walk up to the lighthouse. It´s a beautiful walk, where you´ll be able to admire a spectacular view of Mazatlán´s bay, and is great for exercising. It´s a great adventure! You can get to the foot of the lighthouse on foot, by car, by bus, or on a bicycle.

Many years ago, it used to be an island. However, the need to re-locate the sport fishing fleets from their old location at the public docs, led local authorities to build a breakwater, with which the lighthouse became permanently joined to the mainland.

For those who love hiking, bird-watching, admiring beautiful natural scenery, adventure, photography and uphill climbing, the lighthouse is the ideal spot. We recommend that you schedule your lighthouse outing for early in the morning, and don´t forget to take a hat, water, tennis shoes and comfortable clothing. From the top you can get a complete panoramic view of the Southern area of Mazatlán and a splendid view of the Pacific Ocean. In the afternoons, you can delight in its impressive sunsets.

Hours7am to 7pm
DressSport Wear