Lake Picachos
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Lake Picachos is Mexico's newest and hottest bass lake! A real bass factory!!!

Lake Picachos is located approximately 30 miles northeast of the famous beach resort city of Mazatlan. The drive from the Mazatlan Airport to lake is just under 1 hour . This lake is by far the easiest and most accessible than all other lakes. The Picachos Dam construction started in 2006 on the Presidio River, which is the main river that feeds into Lake Picachos. Construction of the dam was completed in 2009 and stocking of bass and Tilapia began immediately.

The lake is simply filthy with bass from 2 - 5 pounds! There are also MUCH larger bass in the lake with the lake record already being 12 pounds! Picachos is on the same level of other famous bass lakes when they first opened. Lakes such as Guerrero, Comedero and El Salto...all lakes that were famous for producing 100 - 200 bass per day in the 2 - 5 pound class. What makes Picachos rank slightly ahead of those lakes is that it already has some Florida strain bass that weigh in excess of 10 pounds...and of course it's much easier to access.

Picachos is very brushy and heavy with cover! This lake is a spinnerbait fisherman's paradise! While most lures in the tackle bag will work at any given time, the lake will produce more and possibly bigger bass on spinnerbaits, lizards, Senkos, Flukes and shallow running crankbaits. Also, the topwater action in the morning and afternoons can be phenomenal. Pop-R's and Super Spooks have been the big producers!

Due to Picachos being centrally located halfway between Mazatlan and our other fishing operation on famous Lake El Salto. El Salto, now known more for it's trophy size bass, allows the angler the better chance at hooking that giant bass of a lifetime while Picachos will produce more numbers of quality size bass than the angler could ever imagine! 

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