Deer Island

Deer Island is ideal for enjoying semi-virgin, exotic beaches, where their peacefulness and captivating scenery are perfect for a leisurely stroll, a good read or just relaxing while taking-in nature´s wonders.

Deer Island, popularly-known as "The Middle Island", is the largest of the three islands facing Mazatlán´s coast. It´s located only 1.43 miles off the coast. It´s the island that has more options for adventure and recreation. You can reach it by catamaran, by an amphibious ferry boat, or sailboat. If you so dare, you can even swim or kayak to the island from the hotel zone´s shores.

In its calm and clear surrounding waters you can snorkel, kayak, swim, go for a banana ride or simply soak up some rays. Deer Island is also a paradise for bird watchers and marine species-lovers.

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