The Cliff Divers

Daring cliff divers dive towards the Pacific Ocean´s waters among large rocks, where the water is 8.20 feet deep. They dive from the highest rocky staircase at the Sanchez Taboada esplanade, right on the oceanfront along the seaside boardwalk or Malecón, close to Paseo Olas Altas, one of Mazatlán´s Historical Center icons.

Local divers perform this feat for free, all day long, and sometimes even during the evening, while carrying a hand-torch, as part of the show. As long as there is a group of tourists waiting for them to jump, they´ll keep diving. They live off of the tips they get from spectators.

Divers have to carefully calculate their dives to coincide with the tide, to gain a few inches of additional depth. You´ll always find street vendors selling popular local snacks, beverages and souvenirs.

Hours11am to 8pm