Cerritos and Brujas Beaches

These beaches are truly charming. Located at the far northern edge of the City, right past the two marinas. Cerritos Beach is the most exotic, semi-virgin beach in Mazatlán.

Only a few hotels are scattered along Cerritos Beach´s fine sand. It´s the perfect beach to sunbathe with some privacy, since it´s not visited by many locals or tourists. Swimming is only recommended while exercising extreme caution, and making sure there´s a life guard on duty. There are several beach accesses in this area.

Cerritos Beach is perfect for admiring spectacular sunsets, since the three off-shore islands don´t interfere with the sunsets from this angle.

The extreme northern end of this beach is called Playa Bruja, where you´ll find an array of fresh seafood restaurants and palapa huts that also offer fresh coconut water



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