Art Museum
Phone: +52 (669) 981 5592

The Art Museum of Mazatlán, previously known as the Cultural Center, was established in November of 1998 and is located on the corner of Sixto Osuna and Venustiano Carranza Streets, only a block from the famous Olas Altas Blvd. and across the street from the Archaeological Museum. It is housed in a historical building with the same architectural style as the rest of the buildings in this area of the City.

This museum sets the stage for all types of artists to exhibit their work: writers, painters, poets, actors, journalists, musicians, political scientists, scholars, photographers, and anyone that feels the need to make a public expression.

This museum exhibits the most important works that constitute the heritage of this Institution, of Mexican artists of international recognition, among which we highlight the works of: Rufino Tamayo, Francisco Toledo, Antonio Lopez Sáenz, Jose Luis Cuevas, Vicente Rojo, Edgardo Coghlan, among others, that come to a total of 28 of the best visual artists, as well as works from different local artists and from bordering regions.
A place where you´ll be able to admire all the Mexican talent that it will inspire and guide you into the world of creativity.

Hours9am - 5pm