Archaeological Museum
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Mazatlán´s Archaeological Museum offers an historical perspective of regional culture through archaeological pieces and historic photographs, which will transport you back in time to the roots of Mazatlecan culture.

Visit the Archaeological Museum of Mazatlan, whose purpose is to disseminate a historical view of the cultures of the region through archaeological and historical photographs that will transport you to another time and the root of our regional culture.

The Archaeological Museum, opened in 1988, is one of the busiest museums by domestic and foreign tourists, where they discover part of the historical past of the state and its cities, through samples of the customs of the ancient inhabitants of the region.

In it you can see collections of antiquities, artifacts, clothing, weapons, tools, idols and symbols of ancestors who inhabited these lands and showing the knowledge they had in the development of ceramics and their burial customs; All this forms the archaeological wealth that characterizes the cultures that flourished and developed in southern Sinaloa in ancient times.

This museum is divided by 5 rooms where exposed from photographs game ulama and the Spanish conquest, paintings, sculptures, artifacts even more important game. Located on Sixto Osuna # 76 is a place where you'll be back in your life to discover this region.

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