Angela Peralta Theater
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This majestic cultural and historical site has managed to stand the test of time, and has endured to once again shine with all its glamour and grace in today´s Mazatlán, as one of the most important theater venues in Mexico´s Northwest.

The historical Ángela Peralta Theater first opened its doors on February 14, 1874, even though it wasn´t officially inaugurated until February 6, 1881, under the name of Teatro Rubio, when it was completely finished.
Once inaugurated, the Angela Peralta Theater began an era of great splendor, which practically culminated with the disappointing failure to appear on stage of the opera diva Ángela Peralta, due to her falling victim to the Yellow Fever, resulting in her death on August 30, 1883. After that date, the Teatro Rubio began its decline, to eventually become a venue for boxing matches and carnival balls in 1925.

Later, this theater was re-purposed and converted into a movie house, changing its name to Ángela Peralta in 1943.

During the 1960´s, the Ángela Peralta Theater was practically abandoned, until 1985, when the City Government decided to demolish it, which never came to happen, thanks to the creation of a group of noble Mazatlecans that was committed to undertaking the task of rescuing this historical building, and which managed to breathe new life into it in 1987 by offering a concert among its ruins.

The Ángela Peralta Theater was splendidly re-opened on October 23, 1992. As of that date, this beautiful, centennial site is a constant venue for important cultural and artistic events, such as the José Limón International Dance Festival, held each April; the Sinaloa Festival of the Arts and Mazatlán´s Cultural Festival, the first of which begins in October and the second at the beginning of November of each year, lasting through December. Additionally, many other cultural events are offered here throughout the year.

On its own, the building that houses the Ángela Peralta Theater is an attraction that you shouldn´t miss. We highly recommend that you take a minute to catch a glimpse of its historical glory.

Hours9am - 6pm
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