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The Carpa Olivera is an icon of Mazatlán´s past. This combination of European ideas and local talent brought about a unique building structure, a bit...
Mazatlán´s City Forest is referred to as the City´s lungs, and is a protected natural territory that is one of Mazatlán´s most beautiful and captivating...
Deer Island is ideal for enjoying semi-virgin, exotic beaches, where their peacefulness and captivating scenery are perfect for a leisurely stroll, a good read or...
Mexico's Lake El Salto is the most famous bass fishing lake in the world. This reputation has been due to the thousands of huge bass...
Lake Picachos is Mexico's newest and hottest bass lake! A real bass factory!!! Lake Picachos is located approximately 30 miles northeast of the famous beach resort...
The archaeological zone of Las Labradas, located 40 minutes north of Mazatlan, is an archaeological site with hundreds of black and blue stones decorated by...
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Undoubtedly, Stone Island is a magnificent, natural idyllic setting that will captivate your senses. Beautiful virgin beaches and spectacular flora and fauna are only some...
Daring cliff divers dive towards the Pacific Ocean´s waters among large rocks, where the water is 8.20 feet deep. They dive from the highest rocky...
Mazatlán´s lighthouse is the second-highest lighthouse built on a natural setting in the world, after Gibraltar´s lighthouse in Spain. Every Mazatlecan is always ready to...
Mazatlán´s seaside boardwalk, or Malecón, is the longest in Mexico and the second longest in the world, from which you can admire many of Mazatlán´s...
These islands called Bird, Deer and Wolf islands are part of Mazatlan's landscape, they are easily located on the maritime horizon, facing the Golden Zone. They...