Whale Watching
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Join Onca Explorations on this exciting adventure while we cruise the coast of Mazatlan in search of one of the most fascinating creatures on earth: the humpback whale!
Marine scientist and naturalist will guide your adventure out sea with outstanding commentary about local environment and sharing real-time insight into whale’s ecology and behavior while collecting scientific data for on-going research projects.

During the encounters you may observe whales spouting while cruising along, or powerfully breaching and tail slapping while playing or fighting. It is breeding season in the Mexican Pacific so there is a lot going on! … If lucky enough, we may find females nursing their calves, or listen to the intriguing song performed by males as part of their courtship ritual!

Experience a real hands-on research expedition and meet-up close and personal with the giants of the sea while supporting our marine research and conservation efforts.
Whale watching season in Mazatlan: December thru April

Expedition Highlights:

  • ONCA is the pioneer whale watching company in Mazatlan, and also the first to be authorized by the government for this purpose in 2010. Over ten years of experience in free ranging cetacean research and monitoring back our services and guarantee you the best practices.
  • Our boats provide a great platform to ensure a more intimate encounter with marine life and awesome photography opportunities.
  • Small groups and personal attention by our highly qualified crew, allow for individual discussions about the lives of whales and local environment as well as updated information about their study and conservation in Mexico.
  • Hydrophone on board to listen to live whale songs!
  • Proceeds from this tour support local marine life monitoring and conservation programs.
HoursDepartures 8am and 1pm
DressBeach Wear