Turtle Release
Phone: +52 (669) 981 7815

For over two decades Mazatlan has been proactive in environmental protection, having sheltered more than 6,289 sea turtles nests and liberated some 384,000 turtle hatchlings. The most prominent of these endangered species is the Ridley Turtle, which nests from June to November. Mazatlan also provides for "turtle release", conducted between August and December of each year.

The turtle releases are both educationally and environmentally aware, attended by school groups as well as tourists and locals. Its primary aim is the recovery and protection of this endangered species, whose survival rate has increased 900% with Mazatlan's assistance.

There are 3 Sea Turtle Sanctuaries in Mazatlan: 
  • Mazatlan Aquarium 
  • Estrella del Mar 
  • Beach "El Verde Camacho"
DaysAugust thru December