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Surfing is a sport that cannot miss on the Pacific coast and beaches of Mazatlan.

The destination has wonderful beaches with sand bar or stone on the bottom, located at points, the open sea and river mouths, also, the waves can break to the right, left or both sides, but are regularly left.

The size varies depending on time of year. The ideal time is during the month of May to September. In all surf spots are very good quality waves.

The destination offers beaches for all tastes, who like waves overcome high degree of difficulty, and no less important for beginners, who venture and delivered to the wonderful waves.

Among the main points for surfing are: Shrimp in Gaviotas beach where the waves are calmer.

There is also offering quality waves strong emotions such as the breakwater of the Isla de la Piedra, Los Pinos, La Isla de la Cerritos, Playa Olas Altas Pier Located at the beginning of this beach lives up to its name for its big waves wasted no surfers in the summer, although not the ideal beach for swimming, you can enjoy a refreshing drink and watch the surfers' skills and enjoy comfortably.

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