"Pulmonias" are the most traditional public transport in Mazatlan. They have become a tourist icon for its fun and uniqueness. You will only find this open taxi in Mazatlan. It is a "must" while you are in Mazatlan take a ride in a pulmonia along the boardwalk.

This open-body taxis, suitable for the tropical climate , operate since 1960, when a Mazatleco named Miguel Ramírez convinced the State Governor to give him a concession, organizing a parade of this strange vehicles. At first, modified golf carts were used, but with time fiber-glass structures were developped, which are still in use today. The origin of the name is unknown, but surely a concerned mazatleco expressed his fear to catch a "pneumonia" if he rode on one of those cars. The people promptly christened them with that name, and 50 the "pulmonias" were born

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