Pino Suárez Open Market

The Pino Suárez open market is housed in a building that dates back to the early 19th Century, and it´s located right in the heart of Mazatlán´s downtown area. You can buy locally-produced arts and crafts, as well as souvenirs, at reasonable prices.

If you´re looking for typical local fare, look no further. The Pino Suárez open market is the oldest and largest open market downtown, and the best place to get a bargain on local gift finds with an excellent array of variety and choices, both in food such as fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, dry goods as well as Mexican crafts, clothing and souvenirs.

The Pino Suárez open market is considered as Mazatlán´s main open market and still functions as a distribution center to other markets for fruit and vegetables, beef, fish, dry foodstuffs, arts and crafts, clothing and many other products.

It has been a huge attraction for over 30 years, where visitors can admire and appreciate what Mazatlán´s local people produce and buy, and what their lifestyle is like, for the best prices in town.

Hours6am - 6pm (Mon-Sat) / 6am - 2pm (Sun)