Mazatlan's Aquarium
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Don´t miss visiting Mazatlán´s Aquarium. It is focused on marine species from the Gulf of California, considered in itself the world´s natural aquarium, for its huge variety of endemic species. It also has the largest "SEAWATER FISH TANK" in Latin America.

Due to the wonderful marine world that exists in the depths of the Gulf of California, Mazatlán´s Aquarium dedicates its own Seawater Fish Tank to this beautiful sea.

It is awe-inspiring to watch all the species interacting, and to think that what you´re witnessing is only a tiny part of what goes on in the huge Gulf of California.

The Seawater Fish Tank is decorated with exact replicas of coral reefs, where the smallest fish find shelter and feel at home. Likewise, fish that normally prefer to live at the bottom have their bed sand, and those that prefer to live in the water column have enough space and water quality to feel like they´re in their natural habitat.

The main area of the Aquarium is kidney-shaped, and that´s where most of the fish, sharks and other large predators live. Another section is called the "Tunnel", where smaller and striped species are kept. They´re kept separate from each other to avoid being predated-upon.

An interactive activity is performed in this tank, which consists in a person´s immersion inside an acrylic capsule, to feed the sharks using tongs, accompanied by a diver to give him or her instructions.
Some of the species that are on exhibition and stand-out are: The Blacknose Shark, Giant Grouper, Rays, Whitetip Sharks, Snappers, and many other species.

Interesting trivia:
• It´s the largest tank in Latin America.
• It holds over 422.5 thousand gallons of water.
• It´s over 15 feet deep.
• Its acrylic walls are 42.65 ft.-long, 13.12 ft.-high and 4" thick.
• It holds 26 different marine species.
• 136 live organisms live in the Seawater Tank.

Over the course of 20 years, Mazatlán´s Aquarium has protected 4,400 turtle nests and freed over 270,000 sea turtle hatchlings. The Olive Ridley (Lepidochelys Olivacea) sea turtle is the most common on Mazatlán´s beaches, and nests from June to November. The hatchlings are freed from August through December, by groups of school children.

Among the most spectacular shows we offer, are:
• Sea Lion Show
• Diving Show
• Bird Show
• Swimming with Sharks
• Immersion in an Acrylic Capsule
• Swimming with Sea Lions
• Predator animal exhibition
• Snorkeling in the Ray Tank

Another great attraction is our magnificent Shark Tank, where you´ll be able to see many Shark species. Have fun while you learn!

Hours10am - 6pm
Price$100 pesos adults and $70 pesos children