La Casa Del Caracol
Phone: +52 (669) 981 1564

At the heart of the Historic District is La Casa del Caracol, a space for reading and imagination beyond the conventional, where children and adults develop their reading skills but also interact with other arts like painting , sculpture, music and theater.

It was early October 2004, when La Casa del Caracol opened its doors on Constitution Street in the Historic District, with the aim of training readers in Mazatlan.

La Casa del Caracol organizes three adults reading club and a monthly film club. In summer there are children's courses where various information and science topics are covered, and which speaks of a wide range of topics such as the history of dinosaurs, atoms and the origin of the solar system, among others.

Hours10am to 2:30pm and 4:30 to 9:30 pm
DaysDaily except Sunday