Mazatlán has the longest coastal boardwalk in the world, the second-highest natural lighthouse in the world, and 3 islands. All ideal for hiking and exploring!

Delight in the landscapes and Mazatlán´s plant and animal life, while you hike and explore. Undoubtedly, Mazatlán is the ideal place to develop a liking for long walks.

In addition to this, Mazatlán´s close surroundings are ideal for hiking and exploring, such as the town of Concordia, located towards the Sierra Madre mountains. Here you´ll find the small village of El Palmito, a beautiful place to hike and bird-watch, since it´s the natural habitat of the Chara Pinta, an endemic bird species, as well as the Scarlet Macaw, Military Macaw and Peregrine Falcon, among others. At the end of your day, you can relax in cabins, surrounded by this marvelous vegetation.

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