Mazatlán's local cuisine is world-famous for its chefs’ use of the highest quality and freshest of ingredients, producing the most exquisitely-prepared and flavorful dishes that will satisfy the most demanding of palates. Gourmet seafood of the most astounding flavors abounds in Mazatlán´s rich gastronomy.

Seafood Dishes

Specialties range from grilled Mahi-Mahi, Octopus in garlic sauce and Oysters on the half shell, to cold seafood soup or Campechanas.  Mazatlán´s cuisine offers a wide range of regional recipes based on shrimp, including whole-shrimp tamales, shrimp hash, fried shrimp tacos and the traditional Shrimp Aguachile (shrimp marinated in a spicy lime juice – watch out!) and the famous Pescado Zarandeado (grilled fish prepared with a succulent garlic, chile and mayonnaise sauce).

Other Regional Specialties

Mazatlan cuisine features other regional specialties, including Chilorio [shredded pork in adobo], Machaca [Dried, shredded beef], Frijoles Puercos [Beans cooked with Chorizo], Asado de Res [A special beef and potato hash], Pollo a la Plaza [fried chicken with fresh vegetables], Pozole Sinaloense, Chiles Rellenos and Shrimp Tamales, among many other delicacies.