City Forest
Phone: +52 (669) 981 7815

Considered as Mazatlán´s "lungs", the City Forest is a natural area that is highly protected and one of our most beautiful and captivating attractions, where you can be in direct contact with our endemic plant and animal life.

Located in the heart of Mazatlán, next to the Aquarium, it spans over 12 hectares in which 2 ecosystems predominate: on one side you´ll find the thorn-wood forest and Tule vegetation, and on the other side, bordering with the saltwater lagoon, you´ll find leaf-shedding trees.

In reference to its plant life, marine vegetation predominates, besides coconut palm trees, Eucalyptus trees, mangroves, banana groves, cactus, Lemongrass trees and Bougainvilleas, among others. There are 25 existing bird species and 6 species of mammals in this beautiful place.

It is undoubtedly a favorite place for families to enjoy a pleasurable and recreational weekend, to get closer to nature and create awareness. The City Forest has many commodities, such as bar-b-q grills and fun outdoor playground facilities, wading pool, outdoor amphitheater, a fun and colorful train that tours the entire Forest, outdoor skating rink, a small zoo and a beautiful natural lagoon, all for the enjoyment of locals and tourists alike.
You just can´t miss it!

Hours10am - 6pm
PriceFree Entrance