The 12 miles of spectacular sun-drenched beaches encircling Mazatlán are celebrated for the seductive beauty of their soft, sandy shores. Any Mazatlan seashore is an idyllic spot for a relaxing stroll while admiring the stunning radiance of multi-colored sunsets.  Mazatlan’s beaches offer a full spectrum of fun and relaxation, from their wide array of water sports to the simple tranquility of gazing out upon the hypnotic ebb and flow of shimmering tides, and the exquisite calm of the sun´s reflective rays dancing upon the surface of the sea.
Mazatlan -- “The Pearl of the Pacific” -- is the perfect choice for a captivating interlude from life’s daily routine, a destination that offers endless immersion in pure enjoyment.  Whether you seek leisure, excitement, magnificent views, romantic ambience, the thrill and fascination of places and experiences new and different, Mazatlan will meet your every desire.

Playa Norte, Playa Gaviotas and Playa El Camarón, among the most spectacular beaches of the Mexican Riviera, are ideal for leisurely seashore strolls amidst the lulling peacefulness of gentle surf upon crystal sand, and the mesmerizing brilliance of sun upon sea.

If you seek high-adrenalin fun, exhilarating sea breeze and great waves, Playa Olas Altas, Playa Pinitos and Playa Brujas are not to be missed. These excellent beaches are surfers´ choice locations for the optimum in surfable waves.

For a completely different ambience, Deer Island and Stone Island offer the tranquil seclusion of exotic pristine beaches ideal for calm reflection and relaxation. Deer Island is a short trip by boat or kayak, to your own private beach!  Rock Island includes a fascinating day cruise through spectacular rock formations rising from the sea, and an endless stretch of crystal shoreline, where you can explore, take in the captivating landscape or just relax with your favorite beach read.


• Olas Altas
• Playa Sábalo
• Playa Gaviotas
• Playa Pinitos
• Playa Brujas
• Playa El Camarón
• Playa Norte
• Deer Island
• Stone Island



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