Professional Karate League
Mazatlan International Center

Date: November, 2017

LPK MEXICO 2017 International Karate Championship

This championship is ranked as one of the best in Latin America, and is a great opportunity for any athlete seeking international practice and competitive growth, as well as the opportunity to come face to face with the best, not to mention enjoy a beautiful city like Mazatlán and its excellent food and beaches, and the most beautiful sunsets in Mexico, but also to compete in such a beautiful setting, one of the best in Mexico, the Mazatlan International Center.

In the world of sports, all eyes were on Mazatlan with the International Professional Karate League´s Championship held at the impressive Mazatlan International Center, endorsed by the Mexican Federation for this specialty.

It´s the most awaited event for this sport´s professionals, gathered here in Mazatlan; hundreds compete in BLACK BELT adult and masters categories, coming in from Puebla, Estado de México, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Michoacán, Mexico City, Sinaloa and a delegation from the Republic of Panama.  They fought against each other on the tatami to determine the Number One spot in this eastern sport.

A grueling day filled with competitions, eliminations, working on competitive strategies with lessons learned through years of experience, all the way to the last combat: One sole winner, and the satisfaction of going home as Number One.

Cash prizes and medals were awarded to all winners in each category, along with the due recognition of the Overall Champion.

With events like the International Professional Karate League Championship, Mazatlan makes its mark as the ideal destination for holding international sporting events.