Mazatlan Cultural Festival
Angela Peralta Theater

Date: October  to December , 2017

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Mazatlan Cultural Festival: 22 years of tradition distinguishes Mazatlan as one of the main cultural destinations of Mexico, whose excellence in aesthetic creation ranks this city as a significant forum of artistic expressions, and as such, unique among Mexican beach destinations. From its inceptionthe Cultural Festival has summoned artistic troupes from America, Europe, Africa and Asia, whose performances - during a 60 day period each fall - bring to life music, theater, dance, ballet, song, literature and visual arts. This festival recalls Mazatlan's great cultural heritage and effervescence, a tradition which dates back to the 1800's. The Cultural Festival is an event which has encouraged the re-birth of artistic expressions through its School of the Arts, the gravitational center of artistic companies and prominent international artists.

This event represents the highest expression of culture in Mazatlán

This emblematic Mazatlán Cultural Festival was created in 1993 and since then is celebrated every year with the participation of local, national artists and creators of world prestige.

This festival is organized by the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán and a few days ago obtained the recognition of the Mexico Tourism Board, for its artistic quality and because it represents a high motivation for the attraction of new tourist flows.

The Director of the Institute of Cultura of Mazatlán, Raul Rico Gonzalez, noted that 60 percent of the events are free and 80% of the sites have no cost because many events are in outdoor locations.

The Festival, highlights the performances of large-caliber artists, who will have a more intimate communication with the public through performances in neighborhoods, churches, plazas, Olas Altas, the streets of the Centro Histórico, the Convention Center, the Teatro Angela Peralta and for the first time in the military prison.