Festival of Lights

Date: November 25, 2017

The Festival of Lights dresses Mazatlan´s boardwalk with an impressive array of fireworks, searchlights and laser beams that grab everyone´s attention as colorful lights shimmer on the ocean.

The Festival of Lights started in 2007 as a new attraction for Mazatlán, making it even a more unique destination. It was born as a gesture of gratitude for the Pacifico Marathon´s Organizing Committee, and to offer participating athletes an awe-inspiring event to remember. We were able to pull it off thanks to the involvement of the State Ministry of Tourism, our City Government and all the hotels that are members of our Hotel Association.

Today the Festival of Lights has become an official event held in conjuction with the Pacífico Marathon, to offer tourists a wonderful evening at the end of a day full of sports activies.

Over 10 thousand fireworks explode in an infinite number of colors. Disney-style rocket fireworks that climb up to almost a thousand feet, roman candles, chrysanthemum bouquets, flyers and many more. 

Everyone´s invited! - Free Access.


Festival of Lights 2017 Program

5:00 pm - Turtle Releases at Avenida del Mar at the same direction of the Aquarium

8:00 pm - Festival of Lights on the Boardwalk from Don Pelayo Hotel to Fisherman's Monument