Culinary Roots Mazatlan 2017
Phone: +52 (669) 162 0737

Date: October, 2017

From October 2017, the Second Edition of the Gastronomic Forum of CULINARY ROOTS will be celebrated in Mazatlan.

The main goal of CULINARY ROOTS is to achieve a position in an event that generates economical flow in Mazatlan, translating it into occupied hotel rooms, consumption in restaurants and local bars, taxi cabs, Pulmonia cabs, including, of course, the many other activities that our tourism destination can offer. And more important, that it gets to be expected year after year to enjoy Mazatlan at the same time of updating the diverse gastronomical topics.

In the first year, we had 2,500 participants inside the diverse activities the event will comprehend. The participants will be Chefs and Restaurant Entrepreneurs, from different places of Mexico, as well as students of Gastronomy at the universities teaching this booming career.

Inside the attractiveness of the activities program that pursuits as well the goal of showing the world the gastronomical richness of our tourism destination and to display the variety of the farming and sea produce; the following activities are considered as parts pertinent to this event.

  • Welcome cocktail and gastronomic fair
  • Conferences
  • Gastronomic Festival
  • Cooking a whole cow by Chef Dante Ferrero #lavacaesmia
  • Craft Beer Festival
  • Closing dinner and awards presentation

It must be pointed out that all products to be cooked (raw material) by Chefs will be 100% from Mazatlan.

The 12 international chefs that will participate in this editions are: 

  1. Chad White
  2. Antonio de Livier
  3. Gerardo Rivera
  4. Edgar Núñez
  5. Javier Guerra (crítico gastronómico)
  6. Ricardo Muñoz Zurita
  7. Karl Gregg
  8. Nate Appleman
  9. Silvano de Paola
  10. Xano Saguer
  11. Dante Ferrero 
  12. Rodrigo Martínez

CULINARY ROOTS has been slow cooking itself to become for several years now under the care of Marino Maganda, Executive Chef of Pueblo Bonito Oceanfront Resorts & Spas who will also participate as an exposer. He is considered among the few Mexican Chefs that are invited to international gastronomical forums of Haute Cuisine in Spain & USA and he is President of COSINAR, which Chefs group is integrated by Mariana Gómez Rubio of Pedro y Lola Restaurant; Diego Becerra of Presidio Restaurant; Julián Portugal of El Parador Español Restaurant; and Ignacio and Luis Osuna Vidaurri of PANAMA GROUP. And, of course, PUEBLO BONITO GROUP has taken part in the design, idea and creation of this unprecedented event in Mazatlan.

For the second year of this event, an expo area of products and providers will be included and for the third year, it is contemplated the internationalization with a guest country.

Further info and details; feel free to contact José R. Gámez / Sales Director of Pueblo Bonito Oceanfront Resorts & Spas at his cell phone (669) 162 0737 or his e-mail