The New Mazatlan Cuisine


Collective Gastronomic Sinaloense sets gastronomy standards attracting culinary tourists with locally sourced ingredients and new cooking techniques

Mazatlán, known as the ‘Colonial City on the Beach’ has a history deeply intertwined with its culinary roots. As such, the coastal city’s local dishes have played a large role in positioning Mazatlán as a compelling destination for culinary tourists.

The traditional Mazatlecan cuisine has Asian and Spanish influences with a hint of German influence primarily found in the regions’ beer offerings. With the mix of these influences and the imagination of early settlers, the mouthwatering dishes we know today were crafted.

To facilitate innovation in gastronomy and the culinary arts, the Collective Gastronomic Sinaloense was established by seven Mariana chefs [Gomez Rubio, Julian Portugal, Luis Osuna, Ignacio Osuna, Hector Peniche, Diego Becerra and Marino Maganda). Together, these chefs created a new Mazatlecan culinary standard that offers tourists traditional favorites with a contemporary twist.

Chef of Restaurante Casa 46 and ambassador of the new Mazatlecan kitchen, Marino Maganda explains, “We set a standard in which we use local ingredients from around the port such as shrimp, fish, oysters and scallops and supplement with ingredients from different parts of the country like corn, tomatoes and edible flowers.”

Along with an expanded list of local ingredients, new cooking techniques have been introduced. Cooking with high vacuums, air, foam and rapid smoke give food a better texture, flavor and rapid cook time. These new cooking styles have been applauded at various food industry exhibitions in Spain and the United States.

Chef Maganda said, “Our aim is to offer new reasons for culinary tourists to visit Mazatlan. We want them to see there is both tradition and evolution in our cuisine. Each chef puts his signature on every dish letting the diner experience with all senses.”