The 43rd Annual El Cid Golf Tournament Returns to Mazatlán

The 43rd Annual El Cid Golf Tournament Returns to Mazatlán
Tournament Sells Out in Record Time

Already legendary among golfers of all abilities, the 43rd annual El Cid golf tournament will take place at El Cid Golf & Country Club from November 11-13. The tournament committee has officially announced that registrations for this weekend’s tournament have officially sold out a full 2 weeks before the start of the tournament - a milestone that reflects the steady increase in visitors to Mazatlan over recent years. This year marks a record attendance of 244 participants and includes competitive players from the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The contest offers a generous prize purse that totals more than ₱3 million ($165,000). During the cocktail party at the opening welcome ceremony, 35 places will be drawn to take part in the first Shoot-Out. These participants will share about two-thirds of the total purse money, $100,000 in all.

Besides numerous cash prizes awarded on various par-3 holes, there will be merchandise awarded, to include an EZ-Go golf cart, and automobiles for the first golfers who score a hole-in-one on the par-3 holes. All participants’ names will also be entered into a drawing for a new car, and there will be numerous trophies awarded based on scoring achievements.

Players of all abilities, from zero-handicap “championship” level participants to high-handicap golfers, are welcome to choose their appropriate flight. El Cid Resorts notes that there are separate divisions for men, women and seniors of all proficiency levels.

Mazatlán is one of the most ideal golf locales in the entire world. The city’s gorgeous beach scenery and fresh Pacific Ocean air are both invigorating and relaxing. El Cid Resorts notes that some of the game’s elite players return to Mazatlán each year to take part in tournaments, casual rounds, and friendly competitive games of golf.